Not just for cars! How to make a statement with your garage

Not just for cars! How to make a statement with your garage
3rd August 2023

Your garage is an often overlooked space that can significantly impact the kerb appeal and overall design of your home. With some simple upgrades and styling changes, you can transform your garage into an eye-catching and stylish space that makes a bold statement. With a few renovations like new garage doors, a fresh lick of paint and thoughtful landscaping, you can transform your garage into a practical, stylish space that wows. 

Replace drab garage doors

New garage doors are an easy way to completely transform the look of your garage, and there are so many styles to choose from. You could replace drab, worn out doors with stylish carriage house doors in classic wood or modern glass reinforced plastic (GRP) doors in a bright colour to make a bold statement. Wooden doors give a traditional feel and suit older properties, while steel or fibreglass doors in a vibrant shade make a modern statement. 

For maximum impact, choose garage doors in an eye-catching material like cladding or industrial steel. You could also upgrade to automated garage doors which offer convenience, allowing you to open and close the doors at the push of a button, adding value to your home. 

Opting for a door with windows will also maximise light inside your garage. 

Add architectural details 

Architectural details such as shutters, decorative hardware and exterior lighting help to give your garage a stylish bespoke appearance. Improving a garage’s exterior, unlike some other property upgrades, doesn’t require formal permission. For a custom look, choose garage doors with decorative handles, hinges and pulls in an eye-catching metal like wrought iron or brass, coupled with exterior lighting fixtures on either side to highlight the finer details of the space. Lights will also help to enhance security and create a more functional area, enabling you to use your garage well into the evening. 

Wooden siding applied to the front of the garage in a contrasting colour is also effective to provide vertical lines and visual appeal. Adding eye-catching accents is an easy way to make a statement with your garage for passers-by or potential buyers in the future. 

Insulate for energy-efficiency

To make your garage a more functional space, consider insulating it for year-round use. An insulated garage provides thermal comfort and soundproofing, allowing you to use the space as a home gym, workshop or even an extra living area. It’s an effective way to add value to a property, whether you’re looking to stay put, sell or rent out the home. 

Installing insulation to the door is an easy way to improve the insulation of your garage, but you can also go one step further with insulation on the interior walls and floor too. Fibreglass batting or loose-fill insulation improves the energy efficiency of the garage, and drywall can then be installed over the top for a professional finish. An insulated garage provides a practical living space for so many needs, whether you want to exercise, work from home or use it as a workshop area. 


Create activity zones

For larger garages, installing moveable walls or partitions allows you to section off separate zones for different activities. With the addition of room dividers, a spacious two- or three-vehicle garage can be sectioned into a gym, office, workshop and parking area, all in one. 

Moveable walls provide firm partition while still allowing for rearrangement of the space. Wall partition kits contain interlocking wall panels that can be assembled and reconfigured as needed, and come in a range of materials such as plywood, pegboard, acrylic or even mirrors for different levels of privacy and function. 

Need something less permanent? Dividers such as screens or curtains provide flexible separation in an open-plan garage. Partitions give you the flexibility to rearrange your garage layout as many times as you need,  and enable you to maximise the use of a large garage. 

Install durable flooring

Durable flooring that can stand up to tough conditions is a great addition to any garage. Garages see a lot of wear and tear, and the flooring you choose is critical to ensuring that such a high traffic area remains usable for a long time. Epoxy floor coatings resist stains, chemicals, oils and scratches, and come in a variety of solid colour and flecked finishes to suit your style. Interlocking garage floor tiles are another option, providing modular flooring that is easy to install over concrete. 

Durable garage flooring helps to protect the garage flooring and make the space attractive and long-lasting. The right flooring creates a custom look for your garage while withstanding the high traffic and potential hazards of the space.


Include storage for functionality

To make your garage space truly functional for hobbies and recreation, incorporate versatile storage options that keep the area well-organised. With the addition of adequate storage, a garage can serve as a craft room, teen hangout, playroom or home gym — whatever your imagination can think of. You can make your garage space truly multi-purpose by including storage options specifically tailored to how you intend to use the area.

Don’t forget to make use of wall space for shelving and magnetic boards to keep everything visible and within easy reach, while racks can be practical for anything from fabric and rolls of paper to lumber and other materials. Storage ottomans or crates can also be positioned under tables, counters and workbenches to use every bit of space.

With versatile storage, a garage space can serve many different functions depending on your changing needs. Well-organised storage helps to keep each area clean, clutter-free and equipped to facilitate your hobbies or lifestyle. 

A garage makes up a significant portion of your home's exterior and provides extra space for hobbies, storage and parking. With some simple upgrades, your drab and dreary garage can become a stylish and appealing space that makes a bold statement. With the right stylistic choices to complement your home, boosting your garage's design and function is an fantastic way to make an impact and improve the functionality and even value of your property. 

This article was written by guest blogger, Annie Button.

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