Headington Car Parking Charges

There has been a lot of discussion and debate around car parking charges in Headington recently, namely the proposed increases to the minimum charge for using the Headington and St Leonard’s Road car parks.

An open focus meeting was held on 30th January 2018 with local Liberal Democrat Councillors Ruth Wilkinson, Roz Smith and Altaf Khan along with the Chief Executive of Oxford City Council Gordon Mitchell so that local residents and businesses could voice their concerns over the proposed increases.

The current price is:

0-2 hours £1.70

Following a Council Budget meeting on 19th February the motion was passed by Labour councillors with objections from the Lib Dems, to increase the minimum charges, the new prices are as follows:

0-1 hour £2.00

1-2 hours £2.50

Signs outlining the increases will be posted in the car parks through March / April alerting people to the new costs and asking for comments before being implemented.

Residents are worried that this is a tax on people shopping at Waitrose and other businesses in the area are concerned that the increased parking charges will put people off from visiting Headington. There is also the fear that this will lead to an increased number of vehicles being parked on pavements and double yellow lines.

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