Eco-homes: Comfortable, Affordable, Sustainable

Climate change is in the news every day, with high profile activists, world leaders and environmental groups all informing us of the impact it’s having on our planet.

The UK as a whole has pledged to reduce emissions 80% by 2050, and there is still much to be done by larger industries and agriculture around the world. However, this, in turn, begs the question of what we can do at an individual level to combat climate change. How do we maintain sustainable habits whilst ensuring the comfort and affordability of ourselves and our families within our homes? Eco-homes offer a possible solution to this dilemma.

These homes deliver sustainable housing, reducing their environmental impact, whilst keeping running costs low and maintaining the comfort of their inhabitants. Using methods such as rain harvesting, triple glazing and solar PV panels to minimise the waste of resources, and maximise the use of renewable energy and materials.

As a result, the development of eco-homes does not only help to combat climate change at a residential level but also reduces running costs for the inhabitants and their families.

This is ground-breaking in terms of residential lettings, as one of the many factors families have to consider when renting a house is how much the bills are going to cost. With this added stress out of the equation, residents of eco-homes can sit back and enjoy the comfort of their home with a clear conscience.

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