Christmas decoration trends for 2022

Christmas decoration trends for 2022
16th November 2022

What is more comforting than the magical sight of Christmas decorations? After a tumultuous few years, we need a cosy, happy Christmas more than ever.

Whether you’re entertaining or planning a quiet festive season, you can still get into the spirit of things and enjoy turning your home into a winter wonderland; who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle?

To help get you inspired, here are some of the top trending decorations for Christmas 2022.

Instagrammable door displays

Decorating the front door lost its prominence a little in the past decade or so, but this year, it’s back with a bang. Coined as ‘doorscaping,’ the trend of turning our front door and porch areas into welcoming festive statements will be widely embraced this Christmas.

Expect to see lots of faux garlands and wreaths adorning front doors across the country, as well as some large ornamental items like reindeer for some added festive bling.


Red and gold

After such uncertain times, many are returning to the comfort of traditional decorations this year. The combination of red and gold sets a quintessentially traditional Christmas tone, creating a timeless theme; the red is jolly and bright against the tree, while the gold adds some luxury into the mix.

Red and gold is a time-honoured Christmas combination that can be designed to suit a variety of styles; vintage, timeless, traditional, opulence, minimalist, maximalist - it all works!


Sustainable decorations

Sustainability is the buzzword of the century so far, so it’s no surprise that it’s making its way into our Christmas decor. Sustainable, eco-friendly Christmas decorations have been increasingly adopted over the last few years, and are expected to continue gaining popularity in 2022 and beyond.

This trend embraces creativity as well as resourcefulness. Paper decorations are making a comeback, with everything from paper baubles to elaborate paper displays for porches, centrepieces, and more. Reusable crackers are all the rage too.

Sustainably decorating for Christmas gives you the perfect excuse to get rummaging through your favourite op shops for some vintage treasures, too. It also lends itself to getting the whole family involved in some upcycling projects - you could even make it competitive for a bit of Christmas fun.


Sustainable wrapping

On the subject of sustainability, wrapping is also set to get an eco-friendly makeover on a fairly grand scale. Sustainable wrapping is trending highly this year, with Google searches for the beautiful gift-wrapping technique of Furoshiki increasing by 300% in the past five years.

With sustainability at the forefront of our minds like never before, it’s getting harder than ever to fill bin liners full of used and discarded wrapping paper without thinking twice about the unnecessary waste.

There is an abundance of recyclable and reusable wrapping papers on the market, as well as a range of gorgeous fabrics for anyone wanting to try their hand at Furoshiki gift wrapping. In addition, a wide range of tapes, twines, and other pretty embellishments now come in sustainable options to get your creativity flowing.


Roaring Twenties / Art Deco

Art Deco is one of those design trends that has well and truly stood the test of time and is the perfect go-to for adding some glitz and glamour to any party backdrop. With social restrictions in the past, people will be partying up a storm this Christmas, and the roaring twenties is a popular choice of theme.

The art deco theme of the twenties features plenty of gold and silver, crystal embellishments, feathers, pearls, and sparkle - get your guests to dress for the occasion to really bring your decorations to life! People associate the twenties with a decade filled with celebration following the end of WWI, so it’s certainly befitting the closing of the past year or two.

Boho Christmas

Boho themes continue to trend highly, and can complement Christmas decorating beautifully.; soft, cosy textures, comforting natural elements, calming colours of pastel and nature-inspired tones - the bohemian vibe is simple yet can easily bring about dreamy feelings of comfort

Alternative Christmas trees

UK Google searches for wall-mounted Christmas trees have soared by a staggering 600% in the past five years, as more and more people seek the convenience of space-saving tree alternatives; they can also be a more practical choice where some pets are concerned.

In addition to practicality, the rise in sustainable focus is inspiring more people to get creative and consider a range of alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree.

It’s all too easy to fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole when searching for decor inspiration, and alternative Christmas tree ideas are no exception. Wall decorations in the shape of a traditional Christmas tree to bare branches decorated beautifully with micro-fairy lights - endless ideas if you’re feeling artsy.


Cottage Core

This rural living-inspired theme is all about softness and understated beauty, traditional, whimsical, and simplistic decorations that conjure up feelings of simpler times. That said, it needn’t be minimalist if that’s not your style.

Soft, light, calming, and cosy is the aim for many, and that is just what a modern version of the ‘cottage core’ aesthetic will deliver. Using a romantic palette of pastel shades, shimmery gold accents, faux flowers, pretty baubles, translucent, dusty pink beaded garlands and delicate scented candles will set the mood perfectly.


Flocked Christmas trees

Flocked Christmas trees are those that are artificially snow-covered, ensuring that we can enjoy a white Christmas regardless of what the weather has in store. We are all in need of a magical Christmas, and cosying it up with all the trimmings is a must - these snowy trees will be a popular choice.

Get creative!

Dragging out the same old Christmas decorations year after year can become a bit of a drag, so if you’ve got the means and/or the motivation, get inspired and see what you can come up with. Many of the trending themes can be achieved with a little creativity, and that can be half the fun of it. No matter what you do, make the most of it, and create a cosy, magical environment to enjoy this Christmas.

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