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scottfraser Blog: The Story of an Oxford Short Let Success

January 19, 2015

scottfraser Blog: The Story of an...

The ever expanding rental market in Oxford is diversifying with a growing number of visitors to the city wanting high quality accommodation that is a home away from home, not a hotel. Short Term Serviced Accommodation can be let anywhere from a week to a few months at a time. A perfect example of this, the recently launched Angevins House, a two bed boutique styled apartment right in the heart of the historic city of Oxford.

Property investors Mr and Mrs Ramsell were looking to develop their portfolio in Oxford and keen to secure the right property. Looking for some guidance they contacted John Gebbels (Property Investment Manager) who had been recommended to them by longstanding scottfraser clients.

January Market Comment from the Managing Director

January 16, 2015

January Market Comment from the...

2014 was a robust year for property with house prices, according to Nationwide, growing by 7.2% across the UK, following an 8.4% increase in 2013 (www.Nationwide.co.uk/hpi). There were inevitable hotspots, with Oxford remaining key in the market’s development. At scottfraser, we saw a price growth in Oxford of over 10% in 2014.

However, the traditional slowdown in the final quarter of the year was still seen. This has set the tone for what the majority of economic forecasters predict to be a stable market with nominal growth in 2015. Collectively, this analysis features in our regular feedback to the Bank of England in our capacity as their Oxford property market advisers.

scottfraser Blog: Who will be investing in Oxford in 2015?

January 12, 2015

scottfraser Blog: Who will be...

Retirees: As the bars surrounding the pension annuity jail begin to rise retiree age investment clients will begin moving lump sums from pensions funds and into buy to let (BTL) investment. The nature of BTL, with a stable and regular rental income, suits these new landlords ideally. They are likely to own their own homes outright and will as such have a number of different finance options available. BTL mortgages are not determined by the borrowers income and BTL lenders will happily lend beyond retirement age. This ‘golden generation’ have already profited hugely from UK property ownership and their confidence in the benefits of property ownership remains high!


First time buyers: For many would be first time buyers the realities of the UK property market can unfortunately be harsh. For some, owning property in what has previously proved an entirely affordable rental location, is an impossible dream. Professional couples and families tied to expensive locations either for work or schooling will as such be forced to take a commercial view. A BTL investment can function entirely independently of the owners...

scottfraser Blog: Using technology to enhance the property experience

December 30, 2014

scottfraser Blog: Using technology to...

scottfraser’s Summertown branch on Banbury Road now offers a fully interactive touchscreen available to the general public – the cutting edge approach to the standard window displays of the past. Now passers-by, no matter what day or time, can view all properties available to sell or let on an ultra-high brightness touch screen.

Through high resolution imagery, floorplans and property details, any potential buyers or tenants are able to connect to the properties and leave secure contact details straight away, meaning no opportunity to match a property to a new potential buyer is missed.


#umbrellaselfie Competition!

December 18, 2014

#umbrellaselfie Competition!

We have regularly given out free scottfraser umbrellas to passers-by caught in the classic English downpour – but now, forgetting your umbrella could give you the chance to win a bottle of Champagne and an iPad mini!

All you have to do is collect your free scottfraser umbrella from your local branch (be quick, limited stocks are available!) and tweet us your #umbrellaselfie to @scottfraseruk for a chance to win!

Be creative, and find a distinctive destination – however far away – to make your #umbrellaselfie stand out from the crowd!



Follow us now on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with the entries! 



  • You are aged 18 and over 
  • Your #umbrellaselfie contains a scottfraser umbrella
  • Your photo is sent to us by following

scottfraser Blog: Immigration Act 2014 in Pilot Scheme

December 08, 2014

scottfraser Blog: Immigration Act 2014...

The Immigration Act 2014, among other things, requires private residential Landlords to keep a regular check on the immigration status of their prospective, and ongoing, tenants. Failure to do so could lead to a civil penalty of up to £3000 per illegal occupant.

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