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scottfraser Blog: The Impact of Energy on House Prices

June 08, 2015

scottfraser Blog: The Impact of Energy...

Energy is an expensive yet essential commodity for every household and so naturally homeowners are on the lookout for the best tariff available to help temper costs. This is however unfortunately doing little to stop annual bills increasing. Energy prices have been high since British Gas lead price rises with an increase of 35% in 2008, and things haven’t really slowed down since. With energy demand predicted to rise 35% by 2040 it is likely that, with this increased demand, prices will continue to rise.


"Almost 40% of the UK’s energy consumption and carbon emissions come from the way our buildings are lit, heated and used" (Read more)


This statistic was the catalyst in the birth of the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) in 2007 as part of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive which is to promote the energy performance of buildings and reduce carbon emissions whilst simultaneously tackling climate change. Since its introduction several amendments have been made such as all newly built homes requiring an EPC upon completion, validity of EPCs extending from 3 years to 10 years and a Green Deal plan which was introduced in 2013.


The Green Deal plan is an...

The Ingredients of a Successful Oxford Buy-to-Let

June 01, 2015

The Ingredients of a Successful Oxford...

Kingston Road represents the epitome of the comprehensive scottfraser service. Sourced off market, secured with favourable negotiation, and refurbished and successfully let and managed in one swift and seamless transaction, all handled by local market experts scottfraser.


The Recipe  

scottfraser investment clients identified the Jericho housing market as suitable destination for expansion of their existing portfolio. A careful examination of local property price performance combined with a consideration for letting demand identified Kingston Road in Jericho as a suitable investment location. The client’s preference for particular row of Grade Two listed Victorian terraces on Kingston Road was the ‘icing on the cake’


The Ingredients

John Gebbels, Property Investment Manager, was then tasked with sourcing the ideal opportunity. Jericho is a fast developing, competitive but productive sector of the Oxford property market and securing the best opportunities is difficult. John began contacting local Estate Agent contacts and a local high street agent, with whom John shares an excellent relationship, was able to introduce an off market property in the very terrace of...

Managing Director's Post-Election Comment

May 11, 2015

Managing Director's Post-Election Comment

David Blythman, Managing Director of scottfraser gauges the effect that the UK Election result will have on the residential property market.

For several weeks leading up to the 2015 general election houses didn’t seem as safe as they might be. Across the country, house buying and selling activity stalled as people awaited the result. So the announcement that there would be a winner with a clear if perhaps only slender majority was met by those in the housing industry with a collective sigh of relief.

It wasn’t necessarily the political stripe of the party that won but the fact there was at least a clear result and the property market would not be left in limbo during weeks and possibly months of political horse-trading and in-fighting.

scottfraser Blog: The Election is Looming -  Which Housing Policy will You Vote for?

May 01, 2015

scottfraser Blog: The Election is...

With only a few days to go before the 7th May housing has become one of the biggest topics in the general election. Our homes are at the heart of our lives and our families. They are the place most people wake up in the morning and return to after work or school. They are not commodities so it is important that we get housing right.


The property market plays a major part in the overall wellbeing of the UK economy and with sale prices and rents increasing, pressure on Britain’s limited housing stock has never been greater. 


All parties agree it is critical to build more homes, the National Housing Federation estimates that around 245,000 new homes a year are needed, but they disagree about the best way to achieve this.


It is known that the housing market has a huge variance across the UK; therefore each policy will have a different impact in different locations. It is going to be interesting to see what impact the result of the general election will have on Oxford’s housing market but one thing we know for certain is that demand will remain high.


Here are the main pledges proposed by the different parties to deal with the problems:...

scottfraser Blog: Renting Property & Tax - the Landlord's Guide

April 27, 2015

scottfraser Blog: Renting Property &...

The letting of a property can be a great source of earning an extra regular income; however the tax related can be a minefield of figures and calculations. At scottfraser we keep abreast of these taxing times by holding regular seminars and training with our accountants.


This is not an exhaustive guide but designed to give a quick overview of the main taxes.



scottfraser Blog: 2015 First Quarter Lettings Compliance Round Up

March 31, 2015

scottfraser Blog: 2015 First Quarter...

scottfraser do not just let and sell properties. scottfraser has a responsibility to keep in touch with changes in legislation and understanding best practices to ensure we protect our clients and provide a quality and vital service to all. Here, Victoria Mellor, Training & Compliance Manager, takes a look at the headline changes in residential lettings legislation in the, somewhat busy, first quarter of 2015. 


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