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Is Oxfordshire following the UKs current market house price trends? Are we at a standstill? Look ahead to the New Year and the spike in demand over Christmas.

December 20, 2016

Is Oxfordshire following the UKs...

‘Are property prices going to fall?’ – In the year of Brexit amongst other big political changes it’s a question we’ve been asked many times, and one that I’m sure has been answered with varying degrees of confidence, but now as we near the end of 2016 we can see that things are not so gloomy after all! According to Rightmove key areas in the Oxfordshire, such as Headington, Summertown and Witney continue to dramatically outperform the rest of the UK. Growth in house prices across the county  have increased by as much as 12%, dwarfing the national average of 4.5%*, and with demand continuing to outweigh supply that trend looks set to continue for 2017.

scottfraser Blog: Oxford Scholars & Their Accommodation

December 12, 2016

scottfraser Blog: Oxford Scholars &...

So universities are just a few weeks from the end of the first semester, Freshers week is a distant memory but Freshers flu is not. Friendship groups and course alliances have now been formed so it is time to start searching for your student property for the next academic year.

For most, student halls are a great first stepping stone out of the parental pad and into the big wide world. It’s an opportunity to fend for yourself and really show off what you can do with a tin of baked beans. However, as wondrous as this set-up is initially it does not allow for those home comforts that you’ve just realised were previously taken for granted; nor does it guarantee that your note-sharing, seminar buddy is in the room next door to you. That is where we come in…


December is here and so is our Student Property List for 2017!


scottfraser Blog: Millennials vs Baby Boomers and the Housing Market

December 05, 2016

scottfraser Blog: Millennials vs Baby...

David Blythman, Managing Director from scottfraser looks at some fast changing attitudes in the property market.


The presidential election result in America reminded us – if we needed any reminding - that we live in a time of massive immediate and fundamental change. A point not lost on us here in the UK after Brexit. In the property industry even Budget tax changes can alter buying and selling habits overnight. But there is a more gradual, yet no less significant change going on in our country which is having a significant effect on our attitude to property.

The baby boomers are finally making way for the millenials - Generation X to Generation Y. The digital generation is becoming the increasingly dominant force in the property market. And that will only gather pace in the years ahead. But this new group does not think or act like the old one.

The baby boomers could be relied upon incrementally to develop their parents’ ideas. This new generation have their own thoughts entirely. For income and social reasons they are generally older when they buy property for the first time. They are far happier to rent than their parents were. They are not so keen to take on older,...

scottfraser Blog: The Private Rented Sector - What's to come?

November 16, 2016

scottfraser Blog: The Private Rented...

The Deregulation Act 2015 delivered clarity in relieving redundant burdens from existing legislation. The general impact of the Act within the private rented sector has been greater protection for tenants and enhanced clarity for landlords. The Act’s main impacts on the private rented sector relate to tenant deposit protection, The Section 21 Notice and Retaliatory Eviction. We will focus on the latter within in this article.


scottfraser At Home Magazine - Autumn 2016

September 16, 2016

scottfraser At Home Magazine - Autumn 2016

Welcome to the Autumn 2016 edition of our latest scottfraser At Home magazine.

Lucky You

September 01, 2016

Lucky You

David Blythman of scottfraser finds lessons to be learnt from Olympic preparation

The fabulous Rio Olympics remind us that dedication, natural talent, great coaching, relentless training, self-belief and a total focus on winning are what creates a gold medalist. Luck comes last on the list, for Olympians can’t rely on luck. Instead they have to depend on things they have control over. A 16th century proverb says, ‘Diligence is the mother of good luck’. And it is diligence that wins gold medals