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The Right People For The Job

February 02, 2016

The Right People For The Job

David Blythman of scottfraser gives some timely food for thought to those thinking of selling their homes this spring.

Right To Rent - Are You Prepared?

January 26, 2016

Right To Rent - Are You Prepared?

Following on from our blog of last year, where we were waiting with baited breath for the results of the “Right to Rent” trial that took place in the West Midlands.  The results are in, and according to the Home Office response to a Freedom of Information request, the results have been “far from impressive”. A grand total of 7 landlords have been fined – around £800 on average – for failing to check their tenants had permission to be in Britain and 11 illegal immigrants were found renting properties.  Moving forward, Right to Rent will form part of the Immigration Act which comes in to force on all tenancies starting on or after 1st February 2016.


Oxford City Council delivers goodwill to all good HMO Landlords

January 07, 2016

Oxford City Council delivers goodwill...

Oxford City Council recently reviewed the HMO licensing scheme which is due to come to the end of its five year term shortly.  It has been agreed the HMO scheme will run again for a further five years until 2021 and there will be no changes to current area designations ...

scottfraser Blog: Video Killed the Radio Star

November 30, 2015

scottfraser Blog: Video Killed the...

The first goal when marketing a property is to attract the interest of as many potential buyers as possible. To achieve this at scottfraser we work with an extensive database of qualified buyers developed over many years of successfully trading in our key Oxfordshire locations where every member of the team is hardwired into the local market place and communities.


scottfraser Blog: A Property Spending Review

November 26, 2015

scottfraser Blog: A Property Spending...

David Blythman of scottfraser looks at the Chancellor’s Autumn Spending Review and assesses the effects this may have on the property market.

Are things finally going to change for the better in the world of UK housing? Chancellor George Osborne certainly says that they are. In his autumn spending review he announced plans to “end the crisis of home ownership in our country.” Fine words. But what do they mean?


Lettings Winter Newsletter

November 19, 2015

Lettings Winter Newsletter

Welcome to our Lettings Winter Newsletter!