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scottfraser Blog: Vote for Housing

May 04, 2017

scottfraser Blog: Vote for Housing

No doubt Brexit, the economy and the NHS will dominate the 2017 general election. Energy, education and defence should also get a strong look-in while the devolved governments will be trying to get as much air time as possible. But do spare a thought for housing, as, on the evidence of the recent past, it doesn't look as if any of the political party's will.

Over the past nineteen years, and during the tenure of four prime ministers – Blair, Brown, Cameron and May – there have been no fewer than fourteen housing ministers.

This post seems to have become a stepping-stone for ministers who are either on an upwardly mobile career path or heading in the opposite direction into the political wilderness. That such an important part of our daily lives can be dealt with in such a perfunctory way seems short sighted and negative to most outside Westminster. Property is a national obsession yet the politicians seem to treat it as a short stop to somewhere else. Property also provides important jobs and revenue through allied industries such as furniture, flooring, lighting and decorating, and in the service sector – finance, legal, surveying, etc.


scottfraser Blog: The Changing Buy to Let Market

March 01, 2017

scottfraser Blog: The Changing Buy to...

There is no hiding from the fact that the buy to let market is changing. In this article we will look at recent changes and assess the extent of their likely impact on Oxfordshire’s resilient property market.


New Mortgage Partnership with Heron Financial

March 01, 2017

New Mortgage Partnership with Heron...

We are delighted to share with you that Heron Financial and scottfraser are about to embark on a new relationship which will result in scottfraser being able to further support clients with the services of an Independent Mortgage & Insurance Broker.


scottfraser Blog | Is this the end of home ownership?

March 01, 2017

scottfraser Blog | Is this the end of...

The latest Housing White Paper has seemingly turned its back on the ideals of turning generation rent into generation buy. Build to rent schemes are to be prioritised, the landlord’s margins are being squeezed and we know that Oxford is now the least affordable location in the UK to buy a property.


Guest Blog | Specialist Xpress & the reports involved in purchasing property

February 28, 2017

Guest Blog | Specialist Xpress & the...

Specialist reports come in many forms – structural engineers, electricals, drains, asbestos and even the dreaded Japanese Knotweed. When these are needed by someone buying property, there are two key requirements which every report must provide. First, they need to give definite answers and, secondly, they need to be delivered in quick time. Inconclusive reports or those that take some time to come through only serve to increase frustration at what can be a critical part of the home buying/selling process.


scottfraser Blog | What does Oxford's Housing Market Need?

February 28, 2017

scottfraser Blog | What does Oxford's...

We asked Edward Parkinson, Sales Manager of our East Oxford office, what Oxford's housing market needs? Have we run out of development potential? Do we need more houses - and if so, what kind? Are the new 'Smart Homes' the answer? What impact could they have?


The housing market has typically been a strong indicator of the health of the economy with volatile economic conditions usually being mirrored in real house price growth. This was particularly evident across the 70s, 80s and 90s with house prices facing considerable medium-term volatility, house price bubbles and sudden price crashes.


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