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Landlords must have buildings and contents insurance for their rental property, and should be careful to choose an insurance policy that is designed specifically for their needs and obligations. NW Brown Insurance Brokers offer such a policy and provide in-house policy and claim administration. Premiums can be taken from your rent account to assist in receiving the taxable benefits.


Tenants must have insurance which covers accidental damage to the landlords property and personal liability cover should their negligence cause damage. This will help to protect a tenant’s deposit in the event of an insured incident. This cover is typically available under a contents policy. The NW Brown “Tenant Contents” policy has been specifically designed to reflect the different requirements of a tenant and in particular the insurance obligations of an Assured Shorthold tenancy agreement. The policy also includes accidental damage to landlord buildings and contents as standard. Tenants will be invited to take up insurance through NW Brown upon securing a property to let. NW Brown offer tenants 14 day free contents insurance cover upon the start date of their tenancy.

Under the terms of the tenancy agreement tenants are required to have suitable insurance cover for accidental damage that may occur to landlords contents, fixtures and fittings in place for the duration of the tenancy. Proof of insurance cover must be provided before the start date of the tenancy.